When our oldest son was born, he had such sensitive skin! It seemed he was always covered in a rash and I didn’t know why! We experimented with switching to dye free detergents and soaps. I rarely wore any sort of perfume because they all made him break out in rashes! That was the beginning of our healthy journey.

As I began to research the toxins we put on our skin, I also learned about everything we were putting IN our bodies from processed food to meats pumped full of antibiotics! Seriously! I was blown away by the thousands of ingredients in our foods that shouldn’t be there! Why on earth did meat have antibiotics and hormones in it? (Let me add up until this point, we were using antibiotics whenever we were sick, not realizing it was actually hindering the natural self-healing process our bodies were designed with!).

Bethany Walter Photography

So I continued my research and was pretty horrified to read of the disgusting conditions of animals raised for meat! Confined to tiny cages, nasty areas full of feces, and no room to roam! No wonder they were being pumped full of antibiotics! Any creature would be full of sickness in those conditions. I did not need to read any more. I decided on the spot we would purchase what we could from local farmers who had the land to spread out their animals and feed them healthfully and free of any antibiotics or hormones!

It just seemed like the natural choice to raise poultry ourselves as our family expanded to EIGHT and the need to be a self-sustaining farm grew! We love our chickens and it’s great to watch the kids help their daddy feed and water them every day! It’s an enjoyable experience to watch the farmer bond with his daughters and sons and teach them the importance of putting good food in their little bodies!


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