Pork production in the United States is a vital part of the economy. In 2011, there were nearly 35,000 direct, full-time equivalent pork producing jobs, which helped generate an additional 515,000 indirect jobs. The industry produced nearly $21.8 billion in personal income from total sales of more than $97 billion and added $34.5 billion to the country’s gross national product.

As of 2012 (the most recent year for which USDA has published structure data), there are 68,300 hog farms in the U.S., compared to nearly 3 million farms in the 1950s. Farms have grown in size as well. Farms with inventories of 5,000 head or more in 2012 accounted for 82.7% of the total inventory of pigs in the U.S.

Over 23 billion pounds of pork were processed from about 112 million hogs in 2013. A total of 2.144 million metric tons of pork valued at nearly $6.05 billion was exported in 2013.

Click here for other facts about modern pig farming from the National Pork Producer’s Council. 


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